Nomad & Roots

Maggie Kaye

Maggie is a life coach and creative, currently rooted in Washington, DC.

A few years ago I was totally stuck. Stuck in a career that didn’t suite me, doing work that left me dead inside, with no idea where to go or what to do next. To make matters worse, in an attempt to manifest change I was struggling so hard to be positive that I was giving myself anxiety over every negative thought – and NOTHING was changing. I was depressed, anxious, and going nowhere, until a friend introduced me to mindset work and everything shifted. After less than a month of digging up the roots of my negative thoughts and replacing them with self-love, my life started to transform in ways I never thought possible.

I created Nomad & Roots as a destination for support, understanding, and inspiration, designed to help fuel your personal growth and find your most authentic self. I believe in pushing boundaries, stepping out of comfort zones, and trying new things, all while grounded safely in a strong sense of purpose and high self-worth.

My individualized programs combine my formal education in psychology and behavior with coaching and manifestation techniques to provide a holistic perspective on life transformation. My process involves addressing past programming, rewiring negative thoughts, and boldly taking actions that bring you closer the life of your dreams.